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China Trip 2018

My Mom retired last year and has since done a bit of traveling. With tour groups, double-occupancy is always a little bit cheaper and it's always nice to share the experience with someone.So she said "would you want to go to China with me?" and I said "sure". I don't know if I didn't expect it to pan out or if I just really wasn't anticipating it, but the next thing I know, I paying off the balance of my tour package and helping her with our Visa paperwork. This was the first international trip I've taken since I was 18, I think. I expected to enjoy it, of course, but it wasn't a place that was on my immediate 'to see' list. I LOVED it! I couldn't pinpoint one particular thing, but I want to go back. 

I was attempting to pack light so decided to only take one sketchbook that I would use as both journal and sketchbook. I happened to find this China book in my dance studio boutique that was an upcycled journal by Ex Libris Anonymous; the company upcycles retired books into journals saving the covers and some of the internal pages and filling the rest with 75 blank, acid-free pages. Inside the book was the name of a previous owner, which also happened to be my brother's last name. I took it as a sign. Our travel guide read the excerpts left from this circa 1970s (old enjoy to refer to Beijing as Peking) textbook and told me that it was well written in his opinion, factual for its time and appropriately objective. Below is a gallery of the sketches I did while on the trip alongside tickets and hotel cards of places we visited or stayed (The tape  I picked up in a Museum Art Store in Xian.)


Kizzy Anel