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Princess Serenity

Construction notes on Kizzy Anel’s Princess Serenity painted cosplay.

The Serenity gown was the second Canvas Dress piece I created, but it was the first that I constructed myself. I modified a wedding dress pattern by adding two extra panels to the skirt to give enough yardage to complete the paintings. It is based on Princess Serenity’s princess gown. Below is a description of the paintings ad work-in-progress photos documenting my process. At the bottom of the page you can see formal photos of the finished gown by The Squishy, Spavin Studios and Curious Josh Photography.

I choose a golden palette as opposed to the more traditional silver one for this character because of the warm tone of the raw canvas. The front of the dress has Princess Serenity, herself lifting up the Imperial Crystal between over the center of the chest as her hair and gown flows into the folds of the canvas. Around the dress are each Inner Senshi in their Princess forms: Princess Mars and Princes Venus flanking Princess Serenity while Princess Mercury and Princess Jupiter are to either side of the bow on the back. The Inner Senshi are under a layer of gold organza to add a fine sparkle to their forms. Two kinds of beads in a sandstone color line the top hem and the empire waist mirroring Princess Serenity’s gown design. The shoes are a pair of slip on canvas flats painted with silhouettes of Serenity and her Earth Prince Endymion. Skylines of the Moon Kingdom and Tokyo stretch down the sides and Moon and Rose symbols are on the heels. The hair accessories were made by The Squishy and the moon circlet is by Firefly Path.

Serenity 1.jpg
Serenity 2.jpg
Serenity 3.jpg
Serenity 4.jpg
Serenity Selfie.jpg