Kizzy Anel
Art. Costuming. Sometimes both!

Labyrinth Gown

The Labyrinth gown was my first Canvas Dress piece. This piece I did not construct myself; the gown was sewn by my dear friend Kate LeMieux. I spent a month selecting the subjects and placement than slowly painting them. Below is a description of each section and the work-in-progress photos documenting my process. At the bottom of the page you can see formal photos of the finished gown by Pixie Vision Photography and Lumonic Photo. The bodice depicts Jareth and Sarah facing off before the 13-hour clock. The clock was done in gold acrylic so that it has a slight glimmer that is not captured in the work-in-progress photos. The viewer's gaze is then brought to Jareth's owl form that swoops over the wearer's left hip, flying over the forest where the Fireys dance around their fire. Over the wearer's right hip hang the chandeliers of the famous ballroom scene with several of the prominent ballroom dancers busts depicted below. The back of the bodice has the castle at the center of the Labyrinth with the maze expanding down the back of the skirt. At the bottom back hem is the 'back door'. Finally the shoes are knee high, black Converse painted depicting the main supporting characters: Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus and the Worm, Jareth with the stone baring his countenance, Sarah in the opening park scene and the iconic Labyrinth movie title.